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Hacks related to toys: storing, organizing, and cleaning.

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4 answers

How do I keep the kiddie-pool from getting scummy and gross?

We have a kiddie pool in the backyard that the kids enjoy playing in during the summer. My family tends to forget to drain the pool, so water may stay in it a few days... or a week... too long. Is ...
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Which flexible wires can be shaped by hands?

I'm planning to make a toy for my kid using flexible colorful wires. Wires which are coated and can be bend in any shape with hand. So different shapes can be made. Suggest me type of some wires or ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to make plushes fluffier

I ordered a plush for someone as a birthday present from amazon. When it arrived it was in a hermetical package and felt like rubber. After opening it, trying to solve the problem by hand and letting ...
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How can I clean up my Lego collection without breaking everything

My Lego models are covered in dust and I can't find a great technique to clean them correctly. I'm able to clean the bigger parts but there is always some remaining. I'd like to be able to clean them ...
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