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Hacks regarding the handling or reduction of waste.

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What to do with water from dehumidifier?

I have a room that is too humid during the summer, so I run a dehumidifier basically constantly. If I don't, I start getting mold. This means that I have to empty the basin at least once a day. ...
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How to prevent an inket printer from clogging up from lack of use?

I tend to print, at most, 5 pages per month: usually 2-3 black and white pages, and 1-2 color pages. In the past 3 years, I've gone through 4 inkjet printers because they all clog so fast. I've ...
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How to reduce size of bubble wraps?

Big ones are too voluminous to throw away; a single wrap could fill up a whole garbage bag. Any quick and/or handy way to "shrink" it? I tried to pop each bubble with fingers over hours/days to ...
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