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Questions tagged [weather]

Lifehacks related to weather, whether it be about catching a tan, avoiding harsh weather, or using the weather to your advantage

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5 answers

Is there any way to fill in a hole in my shoe - so it is waterproof?

I usually buy new shoes every two years or so (mostly Nikes). When walking I seem to not lift my feet high enough and because of this I get a hole the size of a cent at the rear of the sole (under my ...
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What to do with wet socks?

During the rainy season I often step in a puddle and get wet socks. I normally just change them when I get home but this seems like a waste and causes me to do laundry more frequently. Is there a way ...
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Seal a window Temporarily (in monsoons)

Almost everyone might have faced few windows that do not close properly , or have little gaps even after closing. Problem- One set of my Flat room windows falls under opening , we do have a shield on ...
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Rain Jacket losing waterproof ability

Over time, rain jackets use their waterproof ability. There are things you can put on the jacket to make it waterproof again, but I've found it to be only moderately successful. Is there anything ...
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How to deodorize the bad odour in footwear due to wetness?

During rainy season, footwear is often wet and due to moisture in air and cloudy weather, it takes time to dry. And it ends up with odour which is very unpleasant in nature.
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