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Questions tagged [weather]

Lifehacks related to weather, whether it be about catching a tan, avoiding harsh weather, or using the weather to your advantage

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6 answers

How to start fire with wet fire wood after it has been raining or snowing

In the winter when there is snow or in the other seasons after it has been raining all the wood on the ground is wet. When I go to the forest or somewhere in the nature and need to make fire it is ...
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Is there any way to fill in a hole in my shoe - so it is waterproof?

I usually buy new shoes every two years or so (mostly Nikes). When walking I seem to not lift my feet high enough and because of this I get a hole the size of a cent at the rear of the sole (under my ...
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I'm in the rain without an umbrella, how can I get home quickly without getting too wet?

Often, a problem I encounter is that in rainy seasons the rains come really suddenly. It is really difficult to find stores or pedestrians who are kind enough to lend an umbrella to a stranger (in ...
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How do you get into or out of a car during rain without getting wet?

Umbrellas are wonderful things. They keep the majority of your body dry in most types of rain. Cars are also wonderful things. They get you from place to place regardless of the weather, and give ...
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How to waterproof your shoes?

Are there any home ways to coat your shoes (made of material like canvas or cotton) to be water resistance? Some time ago I've tried Ultra Ever Dry, but it was too smelly, toxic and the coating layer ...
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What's the best way to deal with a low sun when driving?

Sometimes, during Winter, the sun can get really low in the sky. Low enough that putting my visor down in my car doesn't block it. Is there any way to drive safely in these conditions?
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Seal a window Temporarily (in monsoons)

Almost everyone might have faced few windows that do not close properly , or have little gaps even after closing. Problem- One set of my Flat room windows falls under opening , we do have a shield on ...
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2 answers

How to hold an umbrella to cover two people?

When you're with someone outside and it suddenly starts raining and only one of you has an umbrella, you'll most likely squeeze under that umbrella with that person. In my experience one of the people ...
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How to protect a car from hail?

We currently have a very strange weather constellation with recurring thunderstorms with hail - the current warning says "hailstones up to 4cm". The frequency of these storms had me wondering: Is ...
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Keep that fungus smell out of your home this monsoon

In the monsoons the air is very humid , moist and warm – the perfect atmosphere for fungi and molds to grow. Fungi and molds not only leave behind an annoying smell but can be effect the health, they ...
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3 answers

How can I keep placards dry when demonstrating in the rain?

I'm planning to attend some demonstration these coming days. However, winter is upon us, and there's going to be rain. And the placards are made of paper; thick paper board, but still paper, which ...
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6 answers

What's the cheapest way to wash a car in the rain?

What's the cheapest way to wash a car? You'd think the car would wash by itself in the rain, but it always appears dirtier after it rains than just before the rain. One may think that washing the car ...
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5 answers

Rain Jacket losing waterproof ability

Over time, rain jackets use their waterproof ability. There are things you can put on the jacket to make it waterproof again, but I've found it to be only moderately successful. Is there anything ...
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7 answers

How to deodorize the bad odour in footwear due to wetness?

During rainy season, footwear is often wet and due to moisture in air and cloudy weather, it takes time to dry. And it ends up with odour which is very unpleasant in nature.
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2 answers

What are hacks to make windows more insulated?

Our windows have cold air coming through them. I'm reaching out to see if there are low budget ways or hacks to make the windows more insulated. The windows are smaller and single-paned. Any tips or ...
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5 answers

Prevent headache due to heat

My body is quite sensitive towards high temperature, be it indoors or outdoors. Whenever it becomes hot, and if I am in a place even for a few hours, with no fan/AC, I get a severe headache that lasts ...
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4 answers

Bad smell in shoes is very intense even with short period of wetness

Sometime ago, my shoes got wet several times over a period of 2-3 days and start smelling bad, so I washed them with very hot water and dried them in sun for 2-3 days. The smell was completely gone ...
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Secure weather stripping against cat

Early in her life, our cat devised a brilliant method to ask to come in. She plucks the weather stripping at the edge of the door. This sends a surprisingly sonorant POP throughout the house that can ...
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Detect whether inside of house froze

I spent a week in warmer climes recently. While I was gone I left the heat completely off. I turned off the water and drained the pipes to prevent damage. I put all the houseplants in a small room ...
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How to avoid water condensation on window frames on cold days?

Temperature has hit around the lowest of the year where I live. My apartment is heated, so there is a 15C difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. This has led to water condensation ...
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How to protect a washing machine from weather?

My washing machine is a bit older, it has a steel or iron body (I can't differentiate between iron and steel but I am 100 % sure that it is not plastic). Actually the tyres of my washing machine were ...
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How to keep an inclined driveway clear of snow?

If a driveway has a fairly steep (~15 degrees?) incline, is there a good hack to use that incline to help keep it less snowed-in during heavy snowfalls - say, 1 foot at least? I considered using ...
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What to do with wet socks?

During the rainy season I often step in a puddle and get wet socks. I normally just change them when I get home but this seems like a waste and causes me to do laundry more frequently. Is there a way ...
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How can I stop my skin from peeling? [closed]

After I get a sunburn the next day my skin starts to peel. Is there a easy way to at least temporarily stop this from occurring?
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Tape up plastic without a ladder

I want to put up some plastic to temporarily block a leaky window sill, about fifteen feet off the ground. I'm thinking of using masking tape. Are there any tools I could use to do this? I do ...
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