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Questions tagged [wire]

Hacks related to wires, including repair, management etc.

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14 votes
2 answers

Prevent cables and wires from twisting

My desktop computer has lots of wires behind it. Some wires are tangled. How can I keep these wires from tangling? I don't want to put the cables together & tie them using a string or something ...
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1 answer

Any hack on fixing one side of earphone

The left side of my earphone is not producing any sound. My last resort would be replacing it and disposing the defective earphone. Is there any way in order to make it work? When you create a power ...
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4 votes
5 answers

How can I keep a USB mini 2.0 (or other) cable from tearing?

What are some ways to protect the ends of a USB mini 2.0 charging cable (or other thin insulated wire) tearing up? Anytime the electrical outlet is at a height greater than the device it is attached ...
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4 votes
4 answers

How to easily keep track of similar looking wires

So my irrigation system has 4 cables which each contain 6 bundled wires. To make things worse, the 6 bundled wires are the same color between the four cables (red, green, blue, yellow, white, black) ...
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5 answers

How can I fix a broken wire?

I bought an electronic device that consists of a controller attached to a larger main unit by wire. The wire cannot be detached from either end. Unfortunately the wire is coming apart on the end ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to repair my single strand antenna?

I have a Roberts Blutune 50 which is generally in good working order, but all it has as an antenna is a piddly wee wire snaking out the back - I reckon it to be about .8mm or thereabouts. ...
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1 vote
5 answers

How to deal with frayed broken wired earphone / headphone and/ or aux cable wires?

The wires bulged out of my headphone cord. How can I fix this, without solder?
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How to clean pipe cleaner so that it does not rust?

I am using pipe cleaners as an adjuster for my masks. How can I clean the pipe cleaner so that it does not rust? I have read that when washed they rust. And in summary this is bad for health. Any help ...
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Which flexible wires can be shaped by hands?

I'm planning to make a toy for my kid using flexible colorful wires. Wires which are coated and can be bend in any shape with hand. So different shapes can be made. Suggest me type of some wires or ...
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Convert smartphone charger into wireless [closed]

I came across this page in facebook about life hacks and they have a video saying one can convert his smartphone charger into wireless charger. This is the link to page. I would have followed the ...
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