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Hacks related to zip fasteners, including maintenance, repair and cleaning.

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Close expandable zip on luggage without pull tag

My expandable luggage zipper was ripped off on a trip. The zipper is now permanently open, and I need to travel soon. How can I close it without the zipper pull? Are there any hacks to do this?
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How to fix zipper-pulls on back pack? Is there an effective substitute that's easy to come by?

I've had my backpack for 8 years so I guess it should come as no surprise that my zipper-pulls are finally falling apart. However, is there an effective substitute zipper-pull I can make from ...
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Open closed zipper without pull tab

Related: How do I quickly open or close a jammed zipper?: In an emergency situation, what would be the fastest way to open a zipper, provided that the use of the pull tab is disabled, and access to ...
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How to fix a nylon zipper that opens itself in the middle?

There is already a good question about fixing a jammed zipper. I have a different zipper question. A nylon zipper on a favorite pair of shorts will not stay closed. After zipping it up, it looks ...
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How can I detach the zipper pulls on my suitcase and attach them to zipper sliders?

I broke the pulls away from the sliders of my suitcase's zipper. Now I hope to detach pulls from other sliders rarely used, and attach them to the previous sliders. In order to detach a pull from a ...
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