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Spastic cerebral palsy: Tools to help wearing pants

I have spastic cerebral palsy, I walk on walker or walking sticks, Botox and STR treatments are too expensive in my country, my family refuses to let me take relaxants and neural medians because I might get addicted or they might affect my brain or my productivity and work.

I can't reach my legs, they don't bend so well, and my back doesn't bend too, making it impossible for me to reach my legs.

Things I can't do mow:

  • Wear and remove shoes and socks,I have ordered this, I think it will solve the problem
  • Buckle and unbuckle jeans/pants buttons while standing using one hand, to solve this I'm planning to replace buttons with magnetic clasps
  • I can't wear pants on my own

My brother saw me trying once again today, he told me to stop and that I have to understand what I can and cannot do, he told me that I have solve this problem using tools just like I have solved my other problems.

The thing is, I have not found any tool for that. What kind of tools can I use/create to wear my pants on my own. My only requirement is that the tool should be portable so that I can take it with me wherever I go.