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Hacks related to smells (should be odors): making them, removing them, covering them, and preventing them.

kills the microbes that are acting on the urine. If you just kill the microbes, but don't break down the urine, more microbes will move in later and work on the urine, generating a new smell … soaked it. If you think about it, there is no way that anything that doesn't penetrate as far as the urine did can possibly remove all the smell, because it simply doesn't get far enough to remove it! So whatever you use, use a lot of it. …
answered Dec 16 '14 by starsplusplus
Here are some ideas: If you're cooking dinner for your guests, start before they arrive. This means the house will smell nice when they get there, and as a bonus, you'll have less time you have to … essence or anything else aromatic to it. Put the bowl in the room that the guests will be in. The water vapour fills the room and carries the smell with it. Unless you have awesome presentation skills …
answered Dec 21 '14 by starsplusplus