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Hacks related to warming up or cooling down people, places, or things.

No, there is not a reliable hack to measure the body temperature in a sensible way. We have to distinguish two case where an exact body temperature may matter: Is there a rise in body temperature … rise in temperature? Fever greater than 41.5°C (106.7°F) usually comes from a serious unlerlying disease and may cause harm to our body. In this case we need to seek medical advice. We won't be able to …
answered Sep 14 '15 by Takkat
Cup socks Now here's not the best solution in terms of heat preservation but it's a hack. What keeps our feet warm in winter can't be too bad for a cup of coffee: Wrapping a thick winter men's soc …
answered Mar 2 '15 by Takkat
To keep your items cool over 5 to 6 hours you may need an insulating thermal bag designed to keep content at their temperature a bit longer than from a conventional bag. Such bags may be available at … . These ice packs need pre-cooling in a freezer before use. Apart from that I would check whether your vitamins and supplements are allowed to be transported at room temperature for a few hours. There are only very few substances that would suffer from such a short interruption of the cold chain. …
answered May 29 '16 by Takkat