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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 493
Tips and tricks relating to cleaning clothing, objects etc. quickly and easily. Please also use another applicable tag (e.g., [clothing], [kitchen], etc.), as THIS TAG IS AMBIGUOUS.
× 311
Hacks about things in the home, as opposed to the workplace or the street. Please also use another applicable tag (e.g., [bathroom], [kitchen], etc.), as THIS TAG IS AMBIGUOUS.
× 223
Hacks involving the general use and consumption of food, as well as the [storage], preservation, and transportation of food.
× 219
Hacks related to creating, repairing, [cleaning], and drying of clothing and similar textiles.
× 208
Hacks related to the care of one's self, including grooming, first-aid, etc. But we are not medical professionals. Users seeking diagnoses or *personalized* medical advice should see a doctor.
× 188
Hacks related to using technology -- such as computers, phones, televisions, etc. -- safely and effectively.
× 181
A tool exists, but you don't have it. Use this tag when searching for a substitute for a tool you don't have.
× 135
Hacks related to objects and activities in the kitchen, including [cleaning] and maintaining utensils, etc.
× 104
Hacks related to staying comfortable, reducing pain, and/or improving ergonomics in various situations.
× 97
Hacks related to the usage and control of water (Liquid water, solid ice, and gas steam).
× 90
Hacks related to the maintaining, [cleaning], and repairing of cars and other consumer vehicles.
× 88
Hacks related to reducing the [time], materials, or energy needed to accomplish a task.
× 82
Hacks related to warming up or cooling down people, places, or things.
× 80
Hacks related to [cleaning], using, and maintaining of the bathroom.
× 75
Hacks related to the storage or better storage of an item.
× 62
Hacks related to the improvement, utilization, improvisation, etc., of shoes.
× 62
Hacks related to paper and related tools, such as pens and pencils, as well as other paper related activities such as folding, cutting, and so on. Not to be confused with [stationary].
× 61
Hacks related to smells: making them, removing them, covering them, and preventing them.
× 61
Hacks related to the usage, storage, and organization of office supplies.
× 60
Hacks related to phones: usage, maintenance, and improvement of smartphones, as well as other mobile phones and landlines.
× 58
Hacks related to the controlling of pests such as insects and other unwanted creatures.
× 55
Hacks related to the [efficiency] and aesthetics of [storage].
× 55
Hacks related to [furniture] and other objects in the bedroom, as well as activities that normally take place in the bedroom.
× 53
Hacks related to the [cleaning], preserving, manipulating, and using of glass.
× 51
Hacks related to the application, removal, or maintenance of anything containing adhesive, including tape and glue.
× 47
Hacks for overcoming the snow, ice, and any other difficulty caused by winter.
× 46
Hacks related to the [cleaning], maintenance, and use of hair.
× 46
Hacks related to doing the laundry: efficiently and easily.
× 45
Hacks that will require keeping yourself -- or other people and things -- safe. Please use tags like [food-safety] whenever applicable.
× 42
Hacks related to [cleaning], maintaining, or repairing appliances such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.
× 41
Hacks related to either improving sound from a speaker or in a room, or preventing an unwanted sound.
× 40
Hacks related to tools, machinery, nuts and bolts, etc. NOT for [technology] hardware.
× 39
Hacks related to traveling, including [time] spent in a [car] or other vehicle. Also includes walking and using a [bike]. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH [MOVING].
× 39
Hacks related to cleaning, manipulating, or conserving plastics.
× 36
Hacks related to using, cleaning, and storing headphones and earbuds.
× 35
Hacks related to preserving, storing, and drinking beverages.