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There's this kind of part which you can get: It's (sometimes) called a "U clamp". And there's another interesting invention called a "sleeve nut" or "sex-bolt": So, if you: Get a U clamp with the diameter of the larger cylinder Get a U clamp with the diameter of the smaller cylinder Get a sleeve-nut which matches the ...


Use velcro cable ties: Rubber bands also work.


As a hack for gaming devices such as yours, create a high-performance non-slip 'gaming' mat which sits on the surface of your desk. The problem with small rubber feet and anti-slip materials is that dust, dirt, crumbs, body oils, etc. soon make both surfaces slippery again. They're not easy to maintain. As you've also discovered, there isn't much surface ...


I use these peel & stick "non-slip domes" for that sort of thing. They are about 9 mm across. I can't remember where I bought them, but I see they are available on a well known shopping site.

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