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How to straighten a bent tent-peg

Especially aluminium tent pegs are a bit tricky. Most metals will become harder as they are 'worked' (as in getting bent) and the initial bend when you hit the stone will have the effect that the bend ...
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How can I safely trim my fingernails without a fingernail clipper?

The simplest way to safely trim your fingernails without nail clippers is to use your eye teeth, fingers, and a rough surface. While it sounds odd, this is how I have trimmed my finger nails for most ...
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What lightweight household items could be used as tent stakes?

Will there be trees? If yes, you could use loose wood from the ground as tent pegs. Then you could take some rope/washing line and attach it to a branch to lift up the centre of the tent, rather than ...
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How to light a match?

I am a long time camper and backpacker and have always kept my matches in a small plastic water proof container. Right now they are in an old prescription bottle. If/when the striker strip wears out ...
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