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How can I unclog a sock in my vacuum cleaner hose, when I can't pull it out with a wire clothes hanger?

I tried several things but the cloth was caught in middle. So, I remembered I had purchased an auger tool/snake drain to unclog a toilet. It basically goes on a drill. If you have one handy it did ...
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remove deteriorating lining from a jacket

I sprayed mine with a goo remove orange spray, let it sit for an hour, then washed it on a hot wash and presto it is all gone, I can either respray it or leave it and use it as a wind jacket. Very ...
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How to wash and dry oxford shirts?

Probably the issue is with drying. Use low heat or even no heat and take them out of the dryer while still damp and continue drying on a rack … if you use the dryer at all. If that doesn’t help ...
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