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the most likely answer is your dryer air duct outlet is closed or blocked off. I had this problem in a house I once lived in and got so frustrated that I searched for and found the dryer duct vent on the outside of the house. It had been blocked closed when the house was painted years earlier and never opened back up again. Some dryer ducts are supposed to ...


First you should activate the "thorough rinsing" option on your machine (if it has one). Modern washing machines seem to be manufactured mostly for the ads and less for the actual washing they're supposed to do. "Saving water" sounds good in ads, but if a washing machine rinses your clothes in too little water, there'll be residue of ...


It is possible that water in your locality is hard and hard water can cause problems to your clothes. So check whether the water is hard and if it is so, try using suitable detergents or water softeners. Also dust your rooms and closets often, as dust may get settled from here on the clothes. Consider using Garment bags to protect them from dust.

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