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What is the best way to clean up the spider webs?

I use the vacuum cleaner, with the long tube but without a brush. When most of the spiderweb has been removed you can use the duster or the item in your picture to remove the leftover bits, keep your ...
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Safety pin of fire extinguisher broke, how to make it active in terms of need?

If you're in the middle of a fire, you shouldn't be posting on Lifehacks SE, you should be evacuating the building. (joke) The general rule is, only fight a fire if it's either quite small, or you ...
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What is the best way to clean up the spider webs?

I did it today. I had to clean lots of spider's web. The best thing is to use a piece of wood and just hover it, the web sticks to the wood. You don't need to clean the wood just keep doing it in ...
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A better heat & fire resistant suspension hack than the looped elastic fabric I have used here?

Even if you can make a better emergency sling for the mirror, IMO it is still a dangerous situation. There can be unexpected consequences of this sort of solution. Example: the dashcam in my car has a ...
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How can I prevent the flame of a matchstick going out as I light a barbecue?

It's actually pretty simple, if the wind is blowing out your match, all you gotta do is block the wind with your own body. After the match is successfully lit, cover it from the wind with your free ...
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How can I prevent the flame of a matchstick going out as I light a barbecue?

The old smokers' trick used to be to keep the matchbox half open & dip the struck match slightly into the hollow end [the end away from where the open visible matches are] just as the initial ...
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How to light a match?

I am a long time camper and backpacker and have always kept my matches in a small plastic water proof container. Right now they are in an old prescription bottle. If/when the striker strip wears out ...
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Hacked Chanukah Menorahs

Shot glasses filled with pure olive oil, any old thick bit of string for wicks (shoelaces are too smokey, try to use something clean) strung through a bit of foil so they aren't heating the sides of ...
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What is the best way to light a hard-to-reach candle wick without burning your finger?

I just use the bottom of a lollipop stick. You have to do it quickly and dip it in water though, because it's pretty flammable
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