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I use bounty paper towels as a plate and put that in the microwave. BOOM, eat and throw away the 'plate'.


I make my own burritos with home-made tortillas, and reheat them from room temperature, from the fridge, and from frozen. There are two keys: wrap the burrito in a paper towel. This absorbs any stray moisture instead of your tortilla doing that use less than 100% power. This gives the heat a chance to even out throughout the burrito. I will occasionally ...


The best way to avoid doing dishes is to not use dishes. Dish hack: Eatable dishes. This is not original but inspired from advertising which suggests crackers, rusks, toasted bread, pita were "eatable dishes." That changed my consumption of dish detergent by a significant amount. Dish hack: Parchment paper (available in rolls) for baking. The ...


It's peanut butter, a sink of hot water , a good dose of soap and a scrub . As you would clean any other dishes, sounds like it has done the job since the beginning ! of that dreaded day we started washing DISHES that was one of our first mistakes????.

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