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Broken glass pieces are sometimes scattered to an invisible size. It is important to clean these scattered and splashed broken glass in the best way possible. Otherwise, another accident or injury may result. First the large pieces are collected by hand and then the vacuum cleaner will pull all the glass pieces. Cotton can be used for broken glass that does ...


@Mordecai's answer has all the right methods for picking up the glass, all I would add is that a bright torch really helps to make shards of glass more visible on the floor. You need to keep moving the torch around, and it also helps if someone else stands back from the area and shines the torch over while you look; this creates lower angles that you can't ...


A piece of bread pressed onto the glass or on the spot where you think glass may be.


I have many chipmunks in my yard. After scraping out what I could, I put the plastic peanut butter jar in the yard, wedged between heavy plant containers. Tossing in a little bird seed makes it even more appealing. When they're finished, it's more feasible to do the dish soap and hot water treatment.


Usually, I just take a picture of the label with my phone and then zoom in to the image to read. For example reading nutrition info off a choc/lolly bar the size of my thumb. Zooming in and taking a pic might be better with newer phones I suppose. With this approach, you don't have to carry an additional thing with you when you go the shops and need to read ...


Peanut butter as an oil based food requires cleaning with an oil- if you want the recycled container really clean. First clean excess from container with spatula. Then put a tablespoon (more or less depending on container size) of any on hand (inexpensive) vegetable oil in container, put the lid on and slosh it around thoroughly. You’ll see the PB begin to ...

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