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I use an IVAR side panel from IKEA (any similar thing, for example a small ladder, or screwing together a few wooden bars yourself will do as well). Lean it agains a wall at a slight angle and throw clothes over the horizontal bars. Done. Stands almost entirely flat against the wall if you don't use it, comes in different sizes, is cheap and most people who ...


I have generally used two methods for removing keys from keychains: Staple-Remover Method Since staple removers have sharp, thin teeth, simply place the sharp points between the keychain rings and slowly press down. This should spread the keychain apart and make it easy to roll the new key on/take the old key off the chain. Coin Method Since I often don'...


Install pool noodles to your wall. Or use pipe insulation.


Usually jars with stiff lids are fresh from the store and have been packed with the contents under lower pressure than the outside air i.e a vacuum. This pressure difference can increase the resistance presented by the thread and can make opening a jar for the first time difficult. This approach that can be taken if a little damage to the lid is acceptable ...


The trick of how to kill flies is the approach rather than the item used. Flies have nearly 360 degree vision, so sneaking won't help. First, wait for them to land somewhere that you can strike against. Waving them towards an area can help, but isn't fully effective. Once it has landed on an acceptable area, approach the fly slowly, not making any sudden ...


You can wear rubber gloves and open it; usually, the extra grip helps. Run hot water over the lid. The heat will make the lid expand temporarily and it'll be easier to open. Put the lid on hot water (works as the above method) Hold the jar horizontally and slap the lid


Very few if any closets open inward -- which means the hinges will have their pins on the accessible side. Just drive the pins out of the hinges, and the entire door can be pulled out of the frame (and easily put back once the lock is either opened, replaced, or the key found and duplicated). If the pins are peened in place, a tool like a Dremel could be ...


Hang out your laundry to line dry in your house rather than putting it in the dryer. This will release a lot of moisture into the air. Depending on how often you wash your clothes, this may be enough. If it isn't a few damp teatowels hung on radiators (assuming they're not electric) will achieve the same effect.


I always install a hanging rod or hook in the laundry area for just this occasion. They're great for hanging those damp towels you'd use again if the occasion arises, or that out-and-about shirt you just threw on to run to the corner grocery… but seems wasteful to throw in the laundry if you may need it again shortly. The advantage of using the ...


Killing a mosquito is easy (as you can see in the other answers). Finding it is the hard part. This is the easiest way I've found of locating a mosquito. You need 2 light sources: a small lamp that will give enough light for you to move around the room. a powerful torch (flashlight) To find a mosquito: Switch off the lights, wait until you can hear the ...


'Traditional' humidifiers look like this: It's just a ceramic container with a hook that hangs over the radiator. Fill it with water, and the water evaporates as the radiator heats it. You can emulate this with a dish or bowl hanging on your radiator. If you have the space the easiest option is to place a container on top of the radiator. It was not ...


Set the time on an electric clock that uses household current Most households today have a microwave. This has a clock you can set. On nearly all of these the clock rolls back to 12:00 and flashes when the power goes out. Chances are you have one doing this right now. Set it to the correct time, if the time is still correct next time you look at it, ...


Ask your passenger to get out of the car before you park the car. This also leaves you free to park it right next to the wall. For the passenger, this has the advantage they can open the door to its stop and easily get out of the car.


I'm assuming this is an interior door.... Take the door off the hinges. Lay the door on the floor. Place the mirror on the door. Place old books/newspapers/weights/cans of soup/etc... so that you don't have to apply any force. Wait however long you like. Put door back up. This (a) makes sure that pressure is evenly distributed (if you distribute the ...


You can use clothes hanging wall mount inside your wardrobe door. I do the same thing with my two wardrobe. You can use both the doors according to your need. You can buy this kind of wall mount which is easy to remove from your wardrobe. If you want to permanently use the wall mount then use this kind of wall mounts. Now, the below image shows how to ...


Peanut butter is the best because they can't remove it from the trap: they have to crawl up there and WHAM they're gone. Needless to say, position the trap along the wall or wherever else they usually scurry. Another idea is, if you see the thing, use a shop-vac to suck it up.


First of all, make your job easier. Open the blinds/curtains at a window or turn on a single light to attract them to land on a smaller area. When closing in on them with your tool of choice, come in slightly behind them, since that's the direction in which they take off. Use a hand vacuum Use a rolled up magazine Use Windex or another glass cleaner (This ...


An also very easy, cheap and quick solution could be using aluminium foil. Just stick it in front of your windows and your room should be blacked out perfectly!


This is happening because there is a gap of space between a corner of your keyboard and the desk. Your goal, as you may have guessed, is to remove this gap. A general solution is to look around you and find a material that can do this. Look around you for something with the following qualities: Small. As thick as the gap. Solid at room temperature, ...


Try placing a rubber band between the head of the screw and the screwdriver. This usually helps increase friction.


I've seen some people close little slips of paper in the doorframe (hinge and/or handle sides) that would fall when the door is opened, and/or stack boxes against the outside of the door in what appears to be somewhat random fashion but where the edges and corners line up with pen or other markings in a particular way, and compare before vs. after pictures. ...


I have added notches to the side of the key head in the past. One of the advantages to using this method is that you can find the correct key in the dark. Start with this: Take a file to the edge of the key head. Move it back and forth to create a furrow. End up with this: Add as many notches to the key as you require. If your key has a flat edge that ...


I end up using the key I want to put on the keyring. I slide the cuts of the key into the groove, opening it. Then, I keep pushing until the entire blade is in the keyring. I then rotate the key until the hole is relatively near the start of the keychain. I slide it on, and done.


Soak the papers with ordinary water and immediately crumple and squeeze them to compact lumps. Nobody is ever going to read those again! This method doesn't take a lot of time and does not involve chemicals, in fact you don't even need a bucket. Use warm water for comfort, if available. I call this the "papier maché method", although the glue is left out. ...


There are "vibrating watches" for this. They're wristwatches that vibrate when your alarm goes off. Or take wireless headphone (earplug) for using it with your phone. Good luck for that :)


You can put many houseplants in the room, they will increase the humidity naturally. Take some pots with plants which have big leaves. Some examples: Fern Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) Additional positive effect will be that they will absorb some unhealthy substances from the air indoor. Of course they will need to be watered regularly.


Pasta burns alright, so you can use some non-cooked spaghetti noodles to reach those hard to reach candles.


This is what I use: Make fly strips. Take a sticky tape, usually duct tape and stick it together to form double sided tape. Now hang it around, you can attach pieces of food to attract even more flies, but you have to throw them out because they may rot if left to long. Try using essential oils as a natural flyspray. These: Smells good and promote ...


Toothpaste Advantages: You probably already have it. A nail hole filled with toothpaste looks less obvious than a nail hole from a distance Very life-hacky, in that special "I remember being a poor student" way Disadvantages: A nail hole filled with toothpaste looks pretty obvious up-close. Especially if you're using neon green toothpaste with a ...

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