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Ask Her Best Friend or Mother Especially if this is an engagement situation, ask her best friend or her mother if they know her ring size. If you've been dating seriously for awhile, you'd be surprised how often this type of thing comes up. If neither of them know her ring size, they will likely be more than happy to get in on the intrigue. They can (more ...


If she is a sound sleeper you can try to measure with a printable paper ring sizer. TIP do not leave the paper in the trash when done. She will see it!


Hide it in plain sight. Send her an email telling her you want to ask a personal question, to help you pick a gift, but you don't want to give things away to her, so you are asking a ton of questions. Then ask her everything you can think of that's size or color or clothes style related Wrist size for bracelelts Bra size "measurements' Ring size of each ...


Cunningham's Law: Guess wrong. "Hey sweetie, I read that your shoe size divided by two plus three is your ring size. It's true for me, what about you?" "No, my shoe size is X and my ring size in Y"


Play the "How well do we know each other?" Game Find one of those "how well do you know your partner" quizzes on the Internet1. Make sure the quiz is something you can download and print out. But before you print it, insert your own question asking what your partner's ring size is. Make sure the tone of the rest of quiz matches that type of question so it ...


You can try applying baby oil or baby power to make it more slippery. Or you can try to put a pin in the middle of the knot to jiggle it more loose to start with Good luck!


I ran through various options before I proposed last year, and none of the standard advice worked (measure a known-good ring, ask a friend...) I went with: wait until she is tired and drunk, absent-mindedly play with a bit of string, wrapping it around fingers and so on, and just happen to score the string with my thumbnail when it's on the right finger. ...


You can compare your fingers with her maybe your smallest one would be like her suitable finger. Or If you wear a ring you can try to put it in her finger and see the difference


The cunning plan I devised was to get buy my (then) girlfriend a cheapish ring, and give it to her as a anniversary/christmas/birthday gift. Which would have annoyed her quiet significantly, with her being disappointed that it was not engagement ring. But she would have forgiven me. Then if it was the wrong size, take her to the jeweller to get the ...


It is completely possible to remove the ring by using some string/dental floss. I've seen it done personally before. The way to achieve this is by wrapping the string around the finger just before the ring, then push the string under and through the ring, then simply pull the string from the side where you pushed it through to (essentially unraveling it), ...


She could hang it from a necklace and avoid the fitting thing altogether.


This is a refinement of the 'compare your fingers' idea, but is considerably more accurate and only requires a photograph: Find a high-resolution photograph of the two of you where both hands are visible and in close proximity (to ensure there is no foreshortening due to perspective effects). Crop the photograph to the portion containing your fingers. ...


If you want to completely minimize the risk of her suspecting you're buying a ring, you can get a rough idea just by holding her hand and trying to remember how it feels. Then compare that sense impression against your sister, mother, friends, your own fingers (pinky, perhaps?) and those of the ring salesperson. Err on the size of being too big. If she ...


Even if a jeweler couldn't make the ring smaller, the jeweler could most likely add a thin coating of a similar metal to the inside of the ring, making the hole smaller.


If you attach the pendant to the chain of the necklace, so that the chain (and thus the clasp) can't rotate without the pendant moving with it, the weight of the pendant will keep it hanging at the front, and the clasp at the back. Depending on how well you can hide it, a loop of metal our dab of hot glue should work.


She could try wearing a second ring on the same finger; this second ring must fit more snugly, and she has to wear it "above" the old one (i.e. further toward the tip of the finger). The new ring should then block the original. Make sure the new ring doesn't fit through the hole of the original ring...


Get a very small S-biner. Attach it somewhere on your person, and attach your wedding band to the other side as needed. Shown below is a picture of this on a belt loop, holding keys instead of a wedding band. This should be quite secure, especially with the "locking" S-biner shown. If all you have is a bathing suit drawstring, you can tie it on to half of ...


I had a ring custom made recently and was told it is easier to size a ring up than down. So don't get one too big! My advice is, don't get her a ring. 1. If it's "just a ring" not an engagement ring, she may be confused and either disappointed or scared off depending on how she feels about an engagement. If it is an engagement ring, consider that she will ...


Buy yourself a simple ring for some pretended reason. (Go to a fantasy store, buy it in a thrift shop, whatever seems reasonable for you to do). The best scenario would be, if she is with you when you buy the ring, so you can take another smaller ring and jokingly say this one would fit you. Otherwise find a chance to let her try it on. If it fits (which I ...


A jewelry store was able to remove my wedding ring over a swollen knuckle using a copious spray of Windex (sorry if that sounds like a Big Fat Greek Wedding joke!). I've also successfully used an ice-cold water bath and dish-soap on less-stuck rings. Good luck!


I have always done something I found on Lifehacker a while back. You will need an elastic band (like a rubber band, but stretchy fabric works better) and tweezers. Get the elastic band and wrap it around your finger tightly up until the ring. Now, using the tweezers, grab the end of the band and pull it under the ring. Now, you can just grab the part of ...


Attach a ring wrap to the underside of your ring. A ring wrap is a malleable metal band that wraps around the band of your ring to tighten the ring size. Simply place the wrap around the band and secure it using a set of needle-nose pliers. How to make your own ring wrap? You can try using ring guards. Ring Snuggies which you can find on Amazon.


After much tinkering, here is the best solution I could come up with. Notably: - there is no "hardware" to fiddle with, break or pull your hair - no dexterity required, I can shift my ring to this while running - cheap, low profile, wearable in shower/swimming, sweat-proof Buy some 1mm (or 1.5mm, whatever you prefer) cotton, waxed necklace cord. Make a ...


I can't tell from your 'nym if you are a male or female. If you are a female just stick it in your bra. I know a lot of girls who will store their phones in there and they don't find it awkward.


Baby powder or corn starch can be sprinkled on the knot and worked into the knot. Either one absorbs the body oils that contribute to the tendency to form knots. Then, use pins to tease the chain apart. Source: Personal experience working with jewelry at Thrift Store.


Presuming you have a safe place already to store things like ID, credit cards, and cell phone, it seems like the sensible thing to do is to leave your ring there, perhaps in an inner pocket of your wallet.


wear a chain around your neck and slide the ring onto it. Alternately, get a mini-clip and attach it to your house or car keys.


Real gold plate won't tarnish. If it has a high proportion of silver that has tarnished, that tarnish can be removed electrolytically with no harm to the chain: Make a solution of about ten gram of baking soda in about 100 ml water, place in a disposable aluminum foil pan, drop in the chain so it rests on the foil, and warm gently (no need to boil). Tarnish ...


Not really a hack because you have to buy them, but get a ring clip (also known as ring guards, ring sizers, ring adjusters) - they sell 'em on Ebay and other places; they just clip inside the ring and make it smaller. Amazon sells something called ring snuggies, they're just a plastic tube you pop over the underside of the ring, not sure how effective they ...


Try several methods: Take grease, such as mineral oil, olive oil or other loose oils and soak the finger in it. Twist the ring gently and try to slip it up the finger. Also, raising your arm for a while can help the ring get off, this helps if it is a medical problem, as well. Soaking the hand in cool water, also helps, as it helps to resize the ring. ...

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