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It is nothing wrong to transfer goods like rice, cereals, or flour from a larger bag into wide mouth mason jar's: (credit: loc. cit) They come in different shapes (cylindrical; though on occasion in square cross section, too) and storage volume (like 1L, 1.5L, 2L; or a half of a gallon). It is easy to open and close them, and to keep track how much they ...


Introducing the Divide and Conquer HACK: When you buy in bulk quantities, redistribute some of each different food stock into a smaller container for frequent use that is easy to handle and closes securely. An empty, previously-used package might be convenient as it's already labeled and made of appropriate material. A wide-mouth, screw-top jar would be a ...


The size of the bag is not given but from the rope handle must be quite sizeable. If you cannot obtain a canister with a lid of sufficient size, then place the bag inside a polythene bag that is large enough to twist shut, or roll shut.

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