I have found that using a dry erase marker on the dried permanent marker will actually "blend" the two pigments together and re-activate the permanent marker into a liquid state for a milisecond. Then the two marker types dry once again, this time with the active ingredient within the dry erase marker allowing it to be wiped off from the surface easily. The ...


If you are able to make copies of the forms, create a digital copy instead. Then you can "black out" the information digitally with any photo editor or your favorite PDF software. Replace the target text with a black box or just remove it completely. Then reprint the redacted copies as needed. Bonus that you're not destroying the original.


The best alternative I found to licking was using a damp sponge. Simply tap the sticky part of the envelope on the wet sponge a few times and there you go. Lacking a sponge, anything like a washcloth, towel or paper towel will also work.


Since I am not to keen on licking ballpoint pens; if you have shoes on with rubber soles, draw a few lines on the bottom of your shoe... After that, go to the paper and it will almost instantly write again. Since the ball in the pen get clogged up, the rubber pushes the ball loose from the clogged up ink. The drawing of the lines makes sure the small cloggs ...


Make a regular copy, then cut out the redacted information on the copy before you send it.


I usually use rubbing alcohol to get the permanent marker off. For some reason this happens to me a lot.


The fold-and-rip method works or doesn't work based on the type of paper you are working with. Paper that is made on rolls (most office paper, newsprint, paper towel, etc) has a 'grain'. The pulp fibers all align in a certain direction (typically with office paper, the long direction). It's quite easy to fold-and-tear this type of paper along this axis. It'...


Fold the tape back on itself. One fold works great, and you don't need a lot. One to two centimeters is enough. Doing it a couple of time will give you more to hold on to making it easier to peal, but will waste more tape the more you fold.


Lick them vigorously. Ideally, just the point - but if you get too enthusiastic, no harm done. Ballpoint pens work by using a small rotating metal ball to transfer ink from the internal reservoir to the paper, and over time ink can gum up the ball preventing it from rolling. All you need to do is soften the ink and your pen will work again! If the ink in ...


Another alternative is to use a glue stick, I found glue sticks to be very fast and efficient. A slower option is to use double sided tape as well, but certainly that's not easier than the other options, but if you hate licking it's an option as well.


Buy envelopes with an adhesive band on the seal that's protected by an easy-to-remove film (“peel and seal”), like I do. Don't they make them in your country? You can apply ordinary office sticky tape: it's as fast as licking the rubber band, but it does look uglier. If you have to use envelopes with a rubber strip serving as do-it-yourself glue in, you ...


I find that a folder (with contents in it, otherwise it moves) works well, especially since I almost always have one with me. Plus because it's bigger than a mousepad, I prefer it to a mousepad. Keep in mind that there are many different types of folders, and some don't work well. Binders: no. Binders are slanted Shiny folders: these don't seem to work well....


You can never fully return the paper clip to it's original state: There will be slight irregularities in the straight portions requiring special equipment to smooth out. Curves will not be in exactly the same place again and special equipment would be required to come close. Wire thickness has become irregular and cannot be restored. The metal is weakened ...


The quickest trick to get rid of ghosting is to completely color the board with a black dry-erase marker and then erase with a dry (as in not wet) and clean microfiber cloth or eraser. This works by applying the marker solvent evenly across the board, which will of course dissolve the remnants of powder left on the board as ghosting. Sometimes detergents ...


I have been very successful at reconditioning white boards by following these steps. Wipe off the board of existing marks using the conventional felt eraser. If there is any tape or sticker residue on the board or around the edges use an orange oil material such as Goo-Gone to remove it. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the board. For a badly gummed up board ...


Your notes are probably falling down because you separate the note you need from another note incorrectly, i.e. by pulling from the end of sticky note. Therefore sticky edge bends and the note pulls itself from the surface you stuck it to. Instead try separating it from another by pulling it off from the right or left, and try not to bend it. To elucidate ...


The easiest solution I've found is baby wipes. They seem to get everything off. Then go over with a dry paper towel. No muss, no fuss.


Put some opaque tape over the sensitive information before making your copy. You could try masking tape or electrician's tape. You might not want to use the auto paper feed on your copier because the tape might come off inside the copier.


Disclaimer: Most of the answers/techniques I have seen here so far actually only work on flat surfaces. Except licking the crease method (provided you can perform a straight fold mid-air) works mid-air. I use this almost daily, but forgot to mention it, because it's became a routine to me I can just add some tips to the fold and rip method you already know: ...


You want both heat and humidity to get the ball rolling again. So, if just breathing on it hasn't worked, try holding the nib in steam from a boiling kettle for a few seconds. The warm water condensing on the nib can restart the flow of ink.


A common method that I was taught at school is to create a pinhole projector type thing. You can do this by making a small (pinhole) piercing in a sheet of paper and hold it above the ground until you get a small circle on the floor (which is the 'Sun') and you can safely watch the floor to see the eclipse progress. You can also do it by interlocking your ...


I find that regular printer paper gives a better surface for mice than a table, and I use that all the time. I use 9x13" 20lb. letter/printer paper. So far the only issue is that when the table is slippery enough, the paper may get pushed around by the mouse or your hand. You can get around this by stacking up several papers. The more, the better, to a ...


I have found two solutions to this problem: Putting a small piece of paper at the end of the tape when I last use it, or Putting a small paperclip at the end of the tape.


There are two easy ways to open an envelope without damaging the contents: Letter Opener This is by far the easiest method if you have one. Simply flip the letter over, slide the letter opener under the top flap and slide it across the top, cutting the top of the envelope. There is very little chance of cutting anything inside once you have the hang of it. ...


Place a plastic container over the bug against the window. Now it can't escape. Slide a piece of cardboard between the container and the window, closing the container. Carefully lift the container and cardboard off the window, keeping it closed. Release the bug outside.


Rubber-band get sticky because they oxidize. A similar question was asked on physics: Is there any way to increase a rubber-bands lifetime? It has a very good answer, but to summarize it: "Keep them in a dark and cool place (away from light and oxygen as much as possible)".


A solution of chlorine bleach and water will both remove the permanent marker and brighten the white board. You need to allow the white board to dry completely before using it again. Occasionally, the material used by the white board can be degraded by using a bleach solution. Test in a small area to prevent damage to the whole board.


when you do the fold and rip method, just lay something straight and flat along the crease, like a book or a ruler and then push down on the object to keep the paper secured and then rip pulling the paper over the object. having the object there will keep your tear from veering off track

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