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Stuck photos while inside an envelope

If they are gelatin-emulsion based, as used in traditional photography (or some coated ink-jet papers), hold the back side of the pack over a steaming kettle and let the steam slowly loosen the rear-...
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How do I take a 360 degree photo of myself without asking someone else to do it for me?

To do this yourself, you'll need some equipment whether you make or borrow it. You'll need a swivel chair to sit on, a means of holding your "camera" pointed at you as a tripod does, and a way to ...
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Throwing away personal memoribilia

Throwing personal items away is not a thing we can do easily as there are memories involved. With these memories there also is a piece of our own life we may want to keep attached. Exactly this ...
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Is there a way I can take a macro picture without a macro lens?

Another option would be to use a lens turned around - with the lens mount in front and holding the camera body to the front of the lens. It's more finicky, but there are also adapters for that, which ...
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How can I get a Canadian visa photo at home?

Yes, it is quite possible. Just use any photo cropper and make its dimension in accordance with the advised ones.
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How can I get a Canadian visa photo at home?

That's super simple. There are tons of photo croppers, passport photo generators etc. Here is a random visa photo generator that looks decent.
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How to make a cellphone tripod?

The bottle tripod won´t work for a cell phone, but it inspired me. Haven´t tried it, so no guarantee there, but it might work: Take two pairs of pliers (with rubber applied to the handles, if you ...
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