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If you have a fire pit, or something similar that can contain a small fire, burning the documents will make it very hard to recover the information. Just be sure that the part where the information is located is burned, and use a stick or something to break down the ashes.


Blender or food processor with water. Turn it into pulp.


There isn't much substitute for the standby methods, burning or shredding. Most secure is to crosscut shred, then burn, and finally disrupt the ashes by grinding into fine powder or washing down a drain.


At most of our local stores, the cashiers keep a card at the checkout counter. I think it may be mostly for people who forget their own card, but I've found that if I'm honest & just say I'd like the same discounts without having to register, they run that card through.


Bath full of water, and then a sharp knife swilled around once they are nice and soggy will do a great job of destoying everything. Add bleach or something corrosive to ensure ink is wreaked beyond readability.


Most checkout systems will allow you to enter a phone number, in lieu of presenting an actual physical card. While you can guess at a number by using famous numbers like 867-5309 or 555-5555 with a local area code, I find a much more reliable method is to use my smartphone to look up the phone number of the store at which I'm shopping. Since most stores ...


I visit Las Vegas once a year and sure enough never remember to prior year's card. So I just go up to the service desk and ask for a new card and say "I'll fill in the form later and bring the form back next time as I'm in a rush now". Always been given a card and it always works. Never returned a form and even the prior year's cards work when I remember to ...


The easiest way to check for GPS trackers: take your car to a garage, have them put the car on a lift. Inspect the underside, look for small rectangular boxes. An internet search gives you an idea of what to look for. It's very unlikely a tracker will be inside the car, because its battery has to be charged every few weeks, and breaking into your car ...


With all due respect, There's no one following you at all. There's no GPS. There's no 'professional multicar tracking system'. They're not in your cell phone, assuming you have one. I know for sure that I have been followed because if I rent a hotel room I spend the night awake because they prevent me from sleeping by renting the room next door and making ...


If you don't mind manual labour, you can tear it by hand. Since tearing it by hand isn't perfect, you can cut out the important part and scatter it across different locations. This will avoid people finding the jigsaw puzzle pieces! Also, if you are really bored, you can compete with someone else (that you trust) to see who can tear the most number of ...


Take the papers to your local copy shop and let them shred it for you. This is probably the easiest way to take care of them. For example, Fedex/Kinkos will shred documents for 99 cents per pound (around 100 sheets per pound depending on paper size and thickness).


There are many ways, though in some cases it depends on the store policy and/or their staff. You can just ask for a card, without saying anything about agreeing to fill out the form. I have done this many times, and unless it's a credit card, Radio Shack, an actual membership with a fee like Costco, or a department store or something, I have never (at ...


Eating the doucment always works and you don't need fuel source or nearby water source.


Folding the paper onto it itself several times, then cutting the result as small as you can with strong scissors (nibbling away mm by mm), a carpet knife, bolt/ wire cutters, sandpaper/whetstone ... will give you a lot of cutting for a little :) I mention wire cutters because good wire cutters WILL cut paper too, and will probably survive a stack of paper ...


I propose that you work with someone to double your resources and disorient anyone else who might be interested in causing you to be unhappy. Keeping you isolated is something they want. Working with a professional will throw them off-course and make their continued espionage impossible. I have visited a building where medical professionals have their ...


Has anyone suggested simply burying them? It would take a bit of effort to dig the hole, but the paper would biodegrade in no time. Alternatively, mix them in with garden waste and potato peelings and the like and it will all eventually become compost. Use that on your garden and nourish your plants with those unwanted reports and correspondence.


I can't think of many ways to prove there is no GPS on your car. But you can easily show that they are monitoring you in ways other than a GPS (Which doesn't imply there is no GPS, just that it's less likely), you can also prove that they have a GPS, but it may not tell you where it is on the car. To prove that they are looking at you: Take a taxi one ...


You could try bone conduction headphones instead of usual ones. Those conduct the sound not by air but through the bones of your skull, thus leaving your ears free to hear your surroundings. I personally don't have any experience with them but the technology seems to already be quite mature based on the Amazon ratings.


I'd love to give a more general, more lifehack-esque answer, so I'll instead try to answer "how to save time when trying to contact former government officials". If that were your question, then I'd say a good place to start seems, these days, to be Twitter. To answer your actual question more directly:


In cases like this, I tear or cut them into strips and put the strips alternately with the old paper and with the compostables (fruit and veg remains). Anybody wanting to recreate them will have to sort through huge amounts of old paper and rummage through disgusting compost.


How to completely destroy sensitive paper documents—without shredding or burning. You'll need an old pair of panty-hose with no holes in them. One pair of panty-hose will be enough for two "treatments." Cut off a leg of the panty-hose. Put your documents into one leg of the panty-hose and knot it tightly closed. Toss it into the washer. Put it through a ...


I have thought of 2 solutions for this: Burn the document. Use a match to ignite its edges (Be careful) and let it burn slowly (NOT in flames). The fire will slowly eat through the document. Burn it until the essential part of the document is gone, then put it out by blowing at it. For safety reasons, it may be best to do this above a bathtub filled with ...


Most knob sets with that hole on the outside are intended to be unlocked with a small flat-blade screwdriver. Some come with a "key" that is just exactly, made from bent heavy wire. Try shining a light into the hole, you should see a slot inside; put a small screwdriver into the slot, and turn one way or the other. Done!


I am a die-hard listen-to-music-at-work kind of person! In fact, I find I am more distracted when I don't have music playing in background! I have experienced working in open-floor cubicles, and office cubicles; private office (sole occupant), office with close neighbors and thin walls, as well as office-mate situations. Here is what I have found to be ...


I'm assuming you are using earbuds or earphones, so listening to music quietly without those might help you hear footsteps or lessen the alarm. Turning your desk to face the entrance might let you see the incoming. And the most complicated, make an "alarm system." Attach a little bell by the door or request for them to cough as they come or something like ...


At a number of stores I've gotten them from, if you simply say that you are in a hurry and will fill out the application later, they will scan it and let you go on your merry way. Then, just load that into an app on your phone (I use KeyRing too) and forget the physical card. That is how the cards are that many stores use at the registers. They often ...

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