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You can use a piece of cardboard to hold the nail. There are some variation in this method: make a hole and put the nail inside, you can tear the cardboard when the nail is embedded enough make a cut in the cardboard and put the nail inside, you can use this for several nails without need to tear it for bigger nails make a stripe of cardboard and wrap it ...


For someone aggressively tailgating, they generally want to pass, so you can slow down and pull to the side, or change lanes if possible, so they can pass you. You don't want to have them around you so letting them pass is your best option. Unless you did something to anger them, like cutting them off. In which case you will either have to deal with it for a ...


If you are not in a hurry you could try selling the glass to someone in one piece. Put it on craigslist or facebook or whatever local buy/sell service is popular where you live. Who knows, maybe someone in your city would get some use out of it? You are probably not going to get much money for it, but someone might be willing to come and pick it up. It does ...


Plug in a working electrical appliance (like a phone charger) and see if it works.


To make sure you don't hurt your fingers, you can use a clothespin to hold the nail in place. Image from Pinterest This is very safe and probably more effective than using your fingers.


There's clothespin trick, but that one is almost a meme at this point. So, how about the traditional approach: Set the nail. Place the tip of the nail where you want to drive your nail and just push it in with your fingers. If the surface is too hard to push it in by hand, grip the hammer higher (near the head) and gently tap the nail till its embedded ...


Examine your environment. What's the speed limit? Are you going too slow, or is the tailgater going too fast? Is there a way they could pass you, or you could move out of the way? Give them an opening, if you can. A lot of times, these problems can be solved by focusing on the world around you, instead of just focusing on the angry person behind you. Of ...


Many are suggesting to use the brakes which seems a very risky proposition. Someone used the following technique on me when I was inadvertently tailgating a corvette that was driving irresponsibly (he was gunning it when the light changed to hurry up to that next red light.) I assumed he would speed off at any moment so was following a little too close for ...


Pasta burns alright, so you can use some non-cooked spaghetti noodles to reach those hard to reach candles.


Tear off a strip of paper: Twist it tightly: Light it: Light the candle: Scream frantically as the flame reaches your fingers lick the thumb and forefinger of your other hand and use them to pinch out the flame: The trick here is twisting the paper: the tightness of the twist determines the speed at which it burns. If it's burning too fast for you to ...


The trick is not to hold the nail when you are swinging your hammer hard. Hold the nail and gently tap with the hammer just enough so the nail will stick in the wood without having to hold it. After that, you can drive it home. Another trick is to pre-drill the hole with a tiny drill bit before hammering it in. This should allow you to push the nail into ...


My wife is not blind, but I have run this identical scenario with her in case I have a heart attack or stroke or something. Step 1: Put the car into neutral. Since the engine is still running, brakes and electronics will still work. Both our cars have typical automatic gear shifts and will go into neutral by simply pushing it forward out of drive. Step 2: ...


I generally do the following:: Ease off on the accelerator This slows us both down and reduces the potential impact of a later collision It also makes it easier for them to overtake and more likely that they'll do so Tap the brakes gently occasionally in the hope that the lights cause them to slow down Slowing down in either of these ways obviously ...


I don't carry clothespins in my toolbox, but I DO have needlenose pliers. Just hold the nail with them until you get it started. Really good with small brads!


You can use a bigger lighter some matches. some long matches.


Spaghetti is a cheap food, and is flammable before it is cooked. Source It can be used to reach the back of the fire quite well.


As you pointed out, a knife is not a good idea. You can use a standard pair of scissors safely though. If you don't have that, then (as much as I hate to say such a thing) bite them.


Don't hold the nail with thumb and forefinger! Instead hold it between forefinger and middlefinger, fingernails resting on the wood. Now when you hit your fingers it won't hurt nearly as much. And like Apaul said there's no need to hit the nail very hard at first. If you do, a half-miss will make the nail shoot away and leave an ugly mark on the wood. By ...


There are a variety of devices to solve this problem, my first thought would be thimbles if you don't want to buy one, but I would encourage just getting such a device, there's both rotary and flat-board ones I've seen. The rotary ones are thus:


While working in construction I would tear/split my nails fairly often, I found using simple wire cutters and tidying up any ragged edges with a fine grit sand paper worked pretty well.


These are some tricks that work for me: Having a cold beverage to drink (while driving, but carefully) works very well for me. I guess it's better if it has caffeine, I usually use Coke, but even water works. Anything that makes you stay more active, e.g. eating a candy once in a while, those that will last some minutes in your mouth (Halls, for example) ...


The only safe option is to avoid getting into this situation in the first place with better planning. If you do end up like this, the only safe thing to do is pull over and rest. Nothing else will allow you to drive safely when tired.


There are USB flash drives that that are designed to be carried on a key chain (or necklace). If you can't or don't want to invest in a new drive, get a small pouch which can be securely attached to your clothes/keychain/bag.


A common method that I was taught at school is to create a pinhole projector type thing. You can do this by making a small (pinhole) piercing in a sheet of paper and hold it above the ground until you get a small circle on the floor (which is the 'Sun') and you can safely watch the floor to see the eclipse progress. You can also do it by interlocking your ...


I actually use a pocket knife all the time, but only ones with serrated blades. Since they're serrated, you're able to keep the nail in the groove and just take off small chunks at a time. If you have scissors or some other method, it may be preferable, but I don't think I've ever brought scissors while camping (unless it is part of a multi-function tool ...


I had a friend tell me his "trick" today for deterring tailgating and I actually gave it a shot on my commute home. Basically, if a car is following you too closely, you can pretend to adjust your rear view mirror repeatedly. I just lifted my arm up and slowly wiggled the thing while driving, with my eyes forward the whole time. The car that was tailgating ...


TL;DR probably you don't need to, unless you want visual, physical proof of data loss. Chances are that what you really want to do is "be sure it cannot be read". Now you've probably heard that deleting files or formatting the disk is not enough to prevent data recovery. You may even have heard that there are techniques capable of reading the content of a ...


Display your battery pack through a window. A sheet of rigid plexiglass will be transparent enough to see everything but stop anything from touching the dangerous parts of the display. In addition, you can attach notes, arrows, and other marks to make the display more informative.(I'm a science teacher.)

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