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I got fed up with this and made a cover for the fob. Its just a piece of subtly-curved plastic hacked out of a milk bottle, to vaguely match the curve of the buttons. The bolts are little M3x0.5 and were about 5mm long. I opened the remote with a screwdriver in the top, under the metal keyring loop. The circutboard was just wedged in place. The bolt ...


A slight variation of Stan’s suggestion: Use the flexible metal strip from a binder (the thin part in the photo), they are pliable enough to mold well and stable enough to keep their shape well. Don’t bother with poking holes or folding for a hem. Place the metal in parallel to the top border on the outside of the mask and affix it to the mask with a strip ...


If there is sufficient space where the metal piece normally sits, slide a flexible piece of any kind of wire such as a straightened paper clip between the layers of the mask. UPDATE: When there is no convenient tube, fold the top edge of the mask over a pipe-cleaner to form a "hem." Use a thin strip of tape to close the seam. The fuzzy pipe cleaner will ...


The hack answer – when the main issue is the safety of yourself and others – is Throw those masks away and buy ones that are fit for purpose.


Try adding a piece of styrofoam on top of your nose (or around it) or something like that. This will create pressure, holding the mask to our face, essentially make your nose BIGGER, which in that case the mask will grip. You don’t necessarily have to make the mask nose part smaller to match your nose, try working in the opposite direction and think of ...


Lift the grate and look underneath for a place in the duct where you could attach a piece of cord or wire, e.g. a hole, a projecting screw or sheet-metal overlapping a corner. Put a piece of cord or wire at that point. Pass the cord or wire through the grate. Twist it around a thicker part of the grate and knot or bend it in place.

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