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A few words about "Safely" and "Efficiently" — A Different Perspective Whenever you attempt to remove grease using soap or detergent, the process is incomplete. (That's why you must repeat the washing process.) Undissolved grease (fat) will coat your drains, pipes, septic tanks, and municipal drains. It collects in inaccessible parts of a plumbing system ...


Shea butter is a form of grease ie a solid oil. The best removal method for most oils is a thinner oil. The thinnest oil is paraffin alternatively known as mineral oil, baby oil and tens of other names. Rub this on and wash of with soap.


Shea butter is very similar in composition to lard. Based on my experience with lard, foaming dish soap (detergent) will work well. Non-foaming dish soap will also probably work, but it may be more trouble due to the lower total volume and the fact that you there won't really be much water on your hands. The procedure that works for me is: wet your hands, ...

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