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Not quite what you requested, but drill a hole through the diary, use a padlock.


Use a tiny bit of glue and stick the corner of two pages together. Maybe before those two pages write something like: "account information", and then an unglued page filled with fake secrets, and then the glued-together pages. Use super weak glue, and they will break it, to look at your secrets. Maybe glue the middle of the outer edge of the paper ...


Additional tactics include lightly dusting the jacket with talcum powder or placing a strand of hair between the pages.


Apart from keeping the diary in a locked drawer, here are some steps you can take. Put the diary in a drawer, close the drawer and then pull it back open just a few millimetres. You can tell if someone else has opened the drawer and then closed it all the way. Position the diary so it is 1 cm from the edges of the drawer. Then you know if someone took it ...

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