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Of course its best to avoid this altogether. So having a hanky ready (that is outside of a container) and close to your hand (e.G. in your jackett/coat pocket) and apply directly after/during ejaculation will reduce the amount of situations where leftovers are on clothes. If you happen to have this kind of sex regularly this should be a permanent preparation....


Level 1: Soak in cold water for an hour and rub it. It will loosen the stain on the fabric. Then agitate with detergent soap /liquid on that area, rinse with cold water and dry in shadow. Level 2: If the above step fails, Rub the stained area with dishwasher soap and wash thoroughly with cold water. These are little more powerful than launders. Level 3: If ...


Sounds from beds moving, whatever cause, seems to stem from three different internal sources and one external source: The legs – This can be solved by having pads under the legs of either rubber, some soft substance. Plenty options exists at any furniture shop Wood joints – If there are wood touching wood, when moved these will screech. Some common options ...


Instead of ordinary bed, you can buy and use a beanbag bed. Such a bed won't make any noises or squeaks as far as I can tell, though just from common sense, not personal experience. Example for such a bed: There are also beanbag sofas that turn into a bed.


Rubber furniture cups like these rubber furniture cups. We have the square ones for our bed which solved the problem for us! :) I like them a lot and they really work well on hard flooring. SHEPHERD RUBBER furniture cups


If you are directly above a crawlspace, you can add some support for the beam (bearer) supporting the floor joists under you. In the illustration, the centre beam would be the problem spot to check. The best material to use is concrete cement blocks piled on top of each other to support the common wall separating your apartment from Casanova's. There might ...


The easiest and cheapest would be to put some carpet squares under the bed posts (on the floor) - you could even double or triple them up - cut them into squares then glue them together to make them thicker. I'd try that first before I even spoke to them about the noise! (would you want to know that your neighbor could hear everything you were doing? hmmmm....


If its a wooden bed, undo each joint in turn and rub beeswax on the inner surfaces of the wood that meet, then tighten up really tight again. Worked for us. Also consider putting some small pieces of carpet, or mat under each leg as stated above.


Well most of the sound is produced from wood-to-wood joint. Unscrew you bed apart, then use ordinary soap (use it dry) to rub it onto touching surfaces. Screw it back together tight, then screw her :) Should work for some time.


The product for this is stick-on pads of felt or rubber under each leg. For an improvised solution, lay a carpet or mats/wads of any somewhat soft material under each leg (a tightly folded burlap sack under each leg would work). Other approaches that can be combined with padding the legs are: Increasing the mass of the bed itself (this increases friction and ...


Before answering this, I think it should be known that nothing is a full-proof safe alternative to a dildo. You should also know that anything other specifically a sex toy comes with inherent risk. Next, let's clear something up. Anal matters greatly more than vaginal. The reason is because it is much easier to lodge or even lose an object in your anus. ...

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