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If you do not need it to look like a slash, you can use a different substitution character. If you want the character to actually look like a slash, you can use the division slash, unicode U+2215. The best option for the backslash alternative is probably the double backslash character, unicode U+244A.


The best way to keep 2ltr cold drinks fizzy is to save 4 x 500ml water bottles and transfer the drink into those. Huge price saving as well over the 500ml soda.


Just lock your door. People who want to enter would likely knock or call out. Even if they don't, trying the handle is likely to make some noise. Either way, you will be in control of when people are admitted to the room.


You could get a wireless door alarm that allows you to have put it on silent and just have a visual alert, for example Similar things exist with PIR sensors


Clear nail Polish. Just paint a thin layer and let it dry. Problem solved


At its simplest, a door hook on the inside of your door will do the job for about $2. at a hardware store. You twist the hook into one side of the door and the loop on the door frame (or vise-versa). No tools needed. also … A simple request on the outside of your door. Good luck.


According to your illustration, you can solve your dilemma by turning 90° to your left and relocating your desk and relevant accessories accordingly. Your visual alert would be caused by someone or something interrupting your visual field. No investment is necessary and no technical intervention is obvious. The change might be refreshing. If you were facing ...


You can use two mirrors to see the door from your computer Place a small mirror to the right of your computer monitor. Angle it so that when you're facing your monitor, you can see the reflection of the wall directly behind you -- and more importantly, you can see the corner of the two walls that are behind and to the right of you. In the corner of the two ...


If you have a webcam, aim it so that the door is in view. There are many programs (including the ubiquitous Zoom) that will let you float a little webcam pane over your other windows.

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