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I'm late to the party but I feel there's truth in Tony's and Hobbe's answer. Hot air will rise so disturbing it to blend with the rest of the room would help. Working with an oil heater there's only radiant and conductive great transfer occurring so a fan would help as it'll introduce convective heat transfer which is much larger than the other two noted. A ...


I consider all possible answers to this question non-hackish. Yet, here is what I do: I usually park my car in an area where the sky is not exposed. This means if it's freezing, the windshield does not usually have a layer of frost. If a car is parked under exposed sky, the windshield will radiate its heat to the space, meaning it becomes so cold the ...


Try a diesel hot air heater, some run on gas, much easier, it's down the idea truckers use to keep the cabin warm at truck stops.

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