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Finding solutions to problems and helping others find it. Knowledge is a wealth that grows when shared. The world is a better place if we understand that each of us is a stakeholder in sharing and caring for our environment.

Smile and be thankful for each day.

No problem is big enough to take away your share of everyday happiness.

Stand up to the challenge and face it. Try well before you succeed.

Say sweet things to your loved ones when you speak with them. The last thing to say to your loved ones should be something they cherish even after you are long gone.

Life is short. Make the most of it to be at ease in the hereafter. After all, death is only the beginning. Breathe deeply.
Love dearly.
Forgive quickly.
Laugh uncontrollably.
Avoid comparing and expectations.
Greatest gift to give someone is your time.
Life's Rule 1 Never quit and Rule 2 Always remember that.

"And He taught Adam all the names (of everything)…” [Al-Baqarah - The Glorious Qur'an - 2:31]
The Glorious Qur'an teaches us that God Almighty taught Adam everything down to the least important detail to the most complex entity that man could encounter.
I am here at Stackoverflow to get that share of knowledge distributed among the progeny of Adam and also to give out my share of knowledge that got transcended down from Adam (May peace be upon him).

Peace !

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