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Russ Palmer began his entrepreneurial journey when he started a carpet cleaning business in 1994 out of a rusty, old white van. It was through this modest one-man show that he was first introduced to the water damage restoration industry. Second to his wife, he had found his true love.

While honing his carpet drying skills, Russ courted opportunities to learn the science of structural drying. The intrigue of moisture levels and the mystery of mold growth became infatuations for him.

By 1998, Russ was fully committed to the restoration industry, forming Floodpro. He quickly earned a stellar reputation becoming known as one of the region’s experts in a technique known as “top-down” drying.

As the industry itself grew with new techniques and technology, Russ remained at the top of his field. In 2005, Titan Restoration of Arizona was born in Mesa, Arizona, making Russ the proud parent of a full-service restoration company.

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