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How do you remember which shirt you wore on the previous date?
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55 votes

My advice will be so obvious - just take a photo before\on the date. I think, if you'll take a photo with your girlfriend, she 'll be happy ;D

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How to prevent foot odour or reduce the smell?
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3 votes

Put the tea bags into the shoes on the night. Wear socks made from natural materials. Remove old skin from your feet. Check your health, because this smell can be because of foot fungus or endocrine ...

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How to clean my humidifier
2 votes

Buy special liquid to remove limescale. It usually used for kettles or irons. I don't think, that it will damage your device. Just follow the instruction. Or you can ask for help in the store, where ...

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How to prevent feet from getting sore after standing all day long
1 votes

Besides the problems with the muscles, as other users said, you should think about your veins. If your work connected with the standing on the feet all day, you should use: - compression underwear; ...

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How to neutralize strong fragrance from handwash?
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I'm not really sure, that it 100% help, but try to use after this soap another soap, which named "endless". It made from the metal and usually used for remove the smell of the fish, onion etc. Example ...

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