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Get rid of drain flies (sink flies, filter flies, sewage flies)
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Find the source where the drain flies spawn and seal it air tight with a water lock. In my case it was where the washer drain entered the water lock pipe: it was put in too deep so when it flushed the ...

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How to stop rim of water bottle becoming smelly?
1 votes

Learn how to drink from your bottle without touching it withyour lips. This is inexpensive and you will learn a new and fun skill and learn how to deal with people looking funny at you. This is a ...

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How to remove or seal in mold mildew on vintage electronic cables
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If it is gooey and sticky, you can use an alcohol based product to clean and remove all the dirt on the wires. Acetone is abrasive, so I use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) instead. It cleans surfaces very ...

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