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Cody Gray - on strike
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Currently on strike, protesting the consistent mistreatment of volunteer moderators and contributors by the company who owns these sites. In particular, we draw the line at public campaigns of misinformation and draconian edicts that effectively prevent moderators from removing GPT-generated content.

As staff already wrote in the site's official Help Center, the proliferation of AI-generated content undermines the trust that users have in Q&A sites like Stack Overflow, and we firmly believe that policies restricting moderating of such content are extremely harmful, risking the collapse of everything we have all worked to build over the last decade or more.

Show solidarity by signing the petition here:

To staff: As we've been telling you, we want to help. We have the same ultimate goals as you do, making the sites a better place, maintaining the quality of content, and increasing user engagement. We should be on the same team. We've got ideas and concrete proposals on how to resolve this. We are ready to negotiate. You know where to find us; come and do what you should have done to start with.

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