Hello there ! I'm a 9 years experienced Graphic Designer, Painter, Photographer, Web Developer and Game Modder. I've been interested in Graphic Design since I was 11, I started by working on mods for games that I liked and made mods for me and my friends to enjoy, eventually, I needed to learn how to design interfaces for my mods, as in the beginning I was only relying on simple UIs, time passed and I got bored from making mods (even that it was so fun experimenting with a lot of games), I was more attracted to Graphic Design for web and software, I started with general basics and kept improving my skills to more advanced levels, experimenting and applying my knowledge on anything I lay my eyes on, especially in Gaming or Music, for 5 years. I worked as a freelancer making websites and designing for customers on freelance platforms for 2 years, then I made my own small online business, selling video games and software and designing logos, banners etc.. for gamers/youtubers, I managed it for 4 years, shut it down in the end. I work now as a freelancer again, making use of all my skills, still learning new ones and trying to improve to better. And I run my own photography and design business for local and international bands in the music industry.

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