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I am Arnob Paul, a reasonably experienced (but never stop learning) software engineer currently working at Amazon. I prefer Java, Python, C#, Rust, C++, TypeScript, and backend development using frameworks like Spring, .NET, and Django. I enjoy solving challenging real-life technical problems with my skills that can impact people worldwide. That also grows my skills further. I am also very conscious about computer security but do not consider myself a hacker! Often I try to innovate with small ideas but impactful practical software tools. If I don’t find a suitable software tool, I create one. So far, I have developed some small software applications such as Symlink Creator, automatic file renamer, etc. for my own use but shared them openly on my Github account so that others can be benefited. During my free time, I love playing video games, especially multi-player games from the first-person shooter and the real-time strategy genres! I also like to travel to places including beaches, mountains, and amusement parks like Disney World. I enjoy both thrillers and family movies. I am also curious about the latest technologies and read tech news regularly.

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