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I'm an old timer. I wrote my first program in Basic on an Intel 8080. My first real programming job was developing business software on the Apple II. I was a Mac developer from pretty much day one. Most of my work these days is on Linux on AWS, with a Mac workstation. The JVM is my primary development platform, and Spring my primary environment. I've managed to break the shackles of the Java language, and now do a lot of my new programming in Kotlin. My "other woman" of languages is Python. It's my go to language when I don't need all the structure and type safety of Java.

Professionally, as an architect, I like owning and charting the direction of a significant software system that is one of the cornerstones of our business. I also like managing my small team of engineers.

On the side, I write code to analyze cryptocurrency prices and I speculate in cryptocurrencies.

Personally, I like snowboarding, playing poker, cooking and having dinner parties, and going to new-age festivals.

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