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If you wield your sword well, you don't have to handle it much.

When one person teaches, at least 2 people learn.

No matter who you are, no matter how bad or good your current situation is, you must thrive, you must keep doing the hard work. Respect the other person you are talking to, because you do not know how hard time he is going through.

And I believe, if you want to get more, you need to deserve more. Life will give you what you deserve, nothing more, nothing less.

I've stopped arguing with people on SE because everyone is so righteous. Please people: calm down, and open your mind a bit.

On many of the large SE sites such as SuperUser and StackExchange, you have to go through three ass holes to find one person who is truly willing to help.

from SpongeBob, user700

quoted from user1723893, nullPointer

A Good advice by Gordon If you want to become an expert programmer, google SOLID, buy GOF, buy POEAA, buy Clean Code, learn Refactoring, lookup GRASP, DDD, CQRS, DCI … but dont ask for PHP books. That's the most reasonable suggestion I can give you when you ask for Expert PHP books really.

You may start from This talk : by Anthony Ferrara (ircmaxell)

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