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Hacks related to cleaning up, reducing the smell of, or otherwise managing trash, garbage, or rubbish.

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How can I make good use of tumble dryer lint?

Every time I clean out the lint trap of the tumble dryer, I keep wondering how to make good use of this by-product of our clothes washing. Rather than throw it away, I've taken to putting it in a bag. ...
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What to do with delivery boxes when recycle bin is full?

We order a lot from Amazon and Amazon prime. The problem is the stuff often comes in individual boxes. Some times, it seems like if you order a pair of socks your going to get two separate boxes. ...
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How can I keep bears out of the trash?

I live in an area where very large bears (500 - 1,000 lbs.) get into the trash every other night. It is a large trash can with wheels and a heavy duty lid. It is surrounded by cinder blocks with ...
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Phone-line tennis-shoes

A novel form of littering seems to be to hang a pair of tennis shoes (tied together by their laces) over a telephone line. Can you think of an easy way of getting them down?
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Empty bin with bag that is too heavy

Yesterday I had to empty the garbage bin which contained a heavy plastic bag. The bag turned out to be too heavy and it ripped at some point. I decided I had to get some stuff out and put that in a ...
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How can I stop the bin liner falling in to the bin? [duplicate]

Often as I fill my bin, the bag sinks deeper and the edge of the bag ends up inside. Inevitably due to my laziness, rubbish then ends up inside the bin, but not inside the liner. This makes me more ...
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11 votes
9 answers

How can I get rid of large amounts of cardboard boxes

I recently moved house. Because of this, I have huge amounts of cardboard boxes. An amount that would likely fill our bin twice over. Which I can't do, because we have other rubbish. I need to have ...
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2 answers

How can I prevent the bin bag falling into the bin?

Further to my other bin-related woes, sometimes, when the bin* is getting full (but not overfull - there's still room in there), the edges of the bin bag will slip down, making it a disgusting job ...
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