I have a set of white dishes, plates, bowls etc. They are not stone or porcelain but I am not sure what they are. Every time a piece of silverware scratches against it it leaves a grey line which I have determined is metal residue. These markings will come off with baking soda and a lot of rubbing, but it's a lot of work and simply not worth it. Is there an easier way?


The first thing you should use to clean metal residue on plates, bowls etc. is:

whitening toothpaste.

It would be easier to use than baking soda; even you can try to mix baking soda with toothpaste. To mention - toothpaste is not expensive. I using it for lot of purpose: to clean washing stand and drinking fountain, sometimes bathtub, to remove small scratches/dirt on car and also - for teeth.

Alternatively, you can try with alcohol vinegar. Other suggestion is to use cream of tartar, and also you can find more here.

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