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Questions tagged [christmas]

Hacks related to the December holiday Christmas: decorating, gift-giving, etc.

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4 votes
7 answers

Giving the right Christmas Gift without asking what they want

A regular seasonal struggle of choosing the right gift for friends/family. How can a decision be made of what to give while keeping the element of surprise intact?
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6 answers

How to remove leftover double-tape and sellotape marks after Christmas?

During Christmas, we have to decorate our office team bay and we use lots and lots of tape to make it stick longer. After celebration days, while taking down all the decorations, sellotape, and double-...
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How to put up my string items without tangling [duplicate]

When I put up Christmas lights onto my house, I must first untangle them. Is there any way when I put them (or any similar item) away for them not to become tangle and knotted without buying something ...
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16 votes
10 answers

How can I store my Christmas lights so that they don't get tangled?

Every year I attempt to roll up the lights for my Christmas tree in a way that will make them easy to get out the next year, but the next year, inevitably, they're all tangled up and I have to spent ...
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4 answers

How to neatly serve cranberry sauce?

Christmas is coming up, and I generally help by opening the cranberry sauce: I generally open the can on one end -- the bottom, which is not raised -- with a can opener. When I flip the can over, it ...
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How to wrap a gift so it doesn't look like the gift?

I need to wrap a gift but it has a really obvious shape and they would know what it is. Is there a way that I can wrap it so that they won't know what it is till they open it?
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