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8 votes
9 answers

Finding primary keyboard keys in the dark - alternative to purchasing adhesive dots

In a dimly lit room, I find it challenging to find some commonly used computer keyboard keys, such as F1, F5, -, and *. As such, I was considering purchasing some adhesive stickers with little dots/...
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27 votes
16 answers

How to mark beverage cans in a cooler for a blind person?

I am travelling with a totally blind diabetic, and a cooler full of beverages (soda). Most of the beverages are diet, but a couple have sugar to treat low blood sugar. The blind person must be able ...
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25 votes
6 answers

How does a blind passenger not die, if driver becomes unconscious

I am driving a 2017 Honda Ridgline with automatic transmission, cruise control, and lane keep assist engaged. Traveling at the legal speed of 70MPH (112KPH) suddenly I become unconscious. If my ...
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