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My other answer approaches the problem from a digital point of view, but you might not have a monitor that accepts audio or a desire to run two laptops at the same time, one being a client of the other. If you're not shopping for a new monitor/don't have the opportunity to add audio to your monitor and are interested in a low energy solution then the ...


In the case of a phone plus laptop, I'm not sure what you gain; you take your phone with you so when you sit at the location you keep your headphones, you have to plug the splitter device into the phone and then also switch it to the socket that the phone is connected to, which is about as much effort as just plugging the headphones straight into the phone ...


It looks like you want something like this :


If you want to be able to listen to audio from the both laptops at the same time, there is no simple or easy hack - and especially not safe, it can even damage the electronics in the laptops. The safe way would be: Buy an external USB sound card - mandatory with a line-in connector. Connect and install the USB sound card to laptop 2. Connect (with a proper ...

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