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I found the following article that deals with an echo similar to your question. The problem is that the echo is from the other end; however, if you substitute "yours" for "theirs" you should be well on your way to solve the issue. A few different ways are mentioned here. I would freely exchange handset for headset, your speaker for their ...


The mic is an electret condenser mic which is extremely sensitive to vibrations of the housing in which it is mounted. You will need to isolate the mic from the housing with soft foam, and also do the same with the speaker mount.


Two points to consider: the acoustical path and the electro-magnetic path. Most handsets put a block of soft dense foam between the speaker and the mic. Cotton is too acoustically transparent. For the electro: use shielded cable for the microphone. If that doesn't work, confirm the type of microphone.


I think it's best to keep stuff in your front pockets as it's easier to keep your arms or hands in the way. It's also easier to feel if an item is still in your front pocket. However, make sure not to noticeably feel your pocket with your hand as this tips off thieves to which pocket contains your valuables. If you happen to pat your pocket, pat your empty ...

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