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In the bicycle shop where I work, each tool board has its own colour of tape wrapped around every tool - this helps people to know where to replace tools when they're done using them. Another solution I heard from another mechanic was that each person had a set of numbered (or initialled) tags (just small ones like on a keyring) - every time they took a ...


A place for everything and everything in its place. You mentioned that you tried to use Tile (an audible signal device) to locate items; but, that its efficiency is limited due to the high noise level of the workplace. Visible storage may be the solution to your problem. Display tools so that you can see which ones are in stock/storage and which ones aren'...


My suggestion is to duplicate the cheap stuff and everyone has their own personal lockable tool bag/box they are responsible for. The expensive stuff could be tracked via Bluetooth (Tile). If it does get misplaced, you can quickly find it.


My pencil dropped down and broke for months and I've fixed it just now. Here're some tips share with you, hope it helps if you encountered with the same problem. Prepare a needle, as thin as possible, heat top point with lighter, util it turning red, then quickly jag the needle into the plastic pin, slightly push the needle in, hold on and wait for ...


Use Safety pin and press it from one side and try to press niddle somewhat inside the pen, then slowly move your hand in pulling condition ( same why how we use spoon to take frozen icecream bite :) ). It works for me. Try it for several time and still not worked then heat safety pin, and do same. (But, it may damage your pen look). Best of Luck! :) :) :)

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